Adoption Fostering Program

Foster homes provide care on a short to long-term basis with the intention of keeping the animal until finding its Furever Home. Foster homes are mostly needed to care for young puppies and kittens that have been orphaned, animals recovering from surgery or other injuries, or any other animals that have been abandoned in some sort of fashion. In addition to the everyday needs, such as food and water, foster homes may be responsible for basic training, behavior modification, socialization, temperament evaluation and medical care.

Foster care is crucial to our life-saving mission and an invaluable piece of our mission. Foster homes in our Adoption Program provide pets with special needs and the attention & opportunity to develop physically, socially or mentally in order to prepare them for adoption. Pets in our Guardian Angel Program are given a safe refuge and shown love and compassion while their families go through their life transitions.

Our Adoption Foster Program is an innovative program that places dogs and cats in a comforting home environment while they await their perfect Furever Home. The CAWS does its best to find the right fit of pet for each foster family to ensure the animals are continually receiving the nourishment, socialization, and TLC they specifically need prior to adoption. The foster families get to experience the thrill of actually helping to find the new adopting family through exposure at our adoption events and by just being out on the town on walks with their four-legged buddy's.

Fostering is good for you too! You will enjoy unconditional love. You will encounter amazing personalities. You will feel really needed. And you will learn a lot about animal health and behavior. Fostering also brings families closer together and helps children learn responsibility & philanthropy. When you foster, CAWS will pay all of the expenses involved for medical care, food, and supplies for your foster pet. All you need to do is provide shelter and lots of TLC.

These foster homes will provide care for:

  • Kittens and puppies that are too young for adoption, orphaned kitten or puppy "bottle babies," and nursing litters of kittens and puppies with their mothers.
  • Dogs or puppies that have had no socialization with people or other pets. Foster parents help rehabilitate shy, timid, fearful puppies, dogs or cats so that they can learn to trust people and develop into adoptable pets.
  • Pets recovering from various types of surgery. All medical care is provided for your foster pet by CAWS, all love, care and compassion is provided by the foster family.
  • Dogs or cats that have no behavior issues, but have found themselves in the need to find a loving Furever family.

The CAWS provides all necessary food, supplies and veterinary requirements needed to care for foster pets. If you are interested in becoming a Foster Family please click here to complete our Foster Application. If you have questions about our foster program, please click here to contact us.

Questions & Answers

1. How old you need to be to foster?

Foster parents must be at least 18 years old. CAWS encourages fostering to be a family activity. Children play an active role in socialization of animals, and fostering teaches children empathy and about the responsible pet ownership

2. Will a CAWS representative visit my home?

Yes, the Foster Care Coordinator or designee will conduct an initial home visit to bring general supplies that are needed and provide a Foster Parent Program Orientation.

3. What type of training do I receive?

All possible foster families will be provided a Foster Parent Program Training Orientation once their application has been approved.

4. What are the financial responsibilities associated with fostering?

CAWS will provide all medications and age appropriate vaccines through to adoption, spaying/neutering, food, including puppy/kitten formula, litter, crates or exercise pens, especially for litters, special Items on a case-by-case basis, direct supervision by Foster Coordinator including necessary vet needs of the animals.

Additionally, all information about the animal that we have, including any special needs or problems due to experiences before it was brought into our care. Unanticipated problems may occur because owners sometimes omit information when they surrender an animal, and of course we have no information on animals that come in as strays other than what we observe at the time of intake. Please note that all expenses need to be approved by the Foster Care Coordinator. Any expenses that have not been approved will not be reimbursed to the Foster parent