About the Guardian Angel Program Application

Sometimes situations occur or life circumstances change, and you may find that you may need someone to help care for your pet. The CAWS may be able to help you during this time.


Guardian Angel Program intakes are managed by appointment


Information provided helps us gather as much information as possible regarding your pet's needs prior to intake, which is vital in the process for how we can best assist him or her to find a foster home.


This gives you time to prepare for your pet to come into our care.


To make a temporary care request, please complete the form below. One of our volunteers will then be in contact with you to discuss your situation.


Please note, we can only accept as many animals as we have foster homes available. We cannot guarantee that we will have space at the time you require to find temporary care for your pet.

This form helps provide our volunteers with valuable insight into the animal and can help them ensure the animal has a successful foster placement. Many quirks or habits are common behaviors natural to all animals and have simple solutions to resolve or we can share with a future foster family. We ask that you are honest in your responses and encourage you to be as detailed as you need to be.