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Volunteer Agreement, Assumption of Risk, General Release of Liability
  • As a volunteer for The CAWS, I agree to read any volunteer related materials provided, complete a volunteer orientation and any other training necessary to the volunteer position.
  • I understand and agree to assume all risks related to being a volunteer with CAWS including all risk of loss, injury or illness, damage to personal property, and death.
  • As there may be physical labor involved in the moving/transporting of equipment and larger animals, I agree to be aware and respectful of my own limitations with regard to lifting and physical exertion.
  • I understand that The CAWS can revoke volunteer privileges if I fail to follow safety rules and regulations, policies or procedures.
  • I have never been arrested for or convicted of animal abuse.
  • I agree to perform volunteer duties for The CAWS without payment or compensation.
  • When representing The CAWS I will present myself professionally in dress, speech and conduct and always with the best interests of the organization in mind.
  • I agree to treat all The CAWS volunteers, animals, property (intellectual and physical) and equipment with respect. I agree to return any and all property and animals to CAWS upon request or when my volunteer relationship ends.
  • As a volunteer for The CAWS, I understand that I may be recorded on film, video, or by other electronic means. I hereby consent to the use of such images/recordings in advertising, marketing, website, blogs, social media, etc. I understand that such recordings, as well as any that are the product of my work as a volunteer, are the property of The CAWS. I grant The CAWS permission to use such media and images.
  • I understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance and agree to adhere to strict confidentiality of ALL information I may be privy to, including but not limited to: animal surrender and medical information, applicant’s and volunteer’s personal information, and any internal business of The CAWS. I understand that this confidentiality extends beyond termination of my relationship with The CAWS.
  • I understand that Volunteers are not authorized at any time to speak to media on behalf of The CAWS unless designated to do so by the President, Vice-President or Marketing Director.
  • If I feel that any animal in the care of The CAWS volunteer is being harmed or exploited in any way, I agree to report such information to a member of the Board of Directors.
  • I give The CAWS my permission to use my personal information to communicate with me regarding my volunteer duties and opportunities via phone, email and Facebook. Approved volunteers will be added to a Facebook group for ease of communication. I understand that I am not to add/invite others to this group, as they must be added by an Admin. member and an approved volunteer.
  • The information provided on all forms is true to the best of my knowledge. Falsification or omission of any pertinent information may disqualify me from volunteering for The CAWS.
  • The relationship between The CAWS and the volunteer may be terminated at any time by either party.

I hereby acknowledge that this agreement will be in effect for the entire term of my volunteer relationship with The CAWS, and thereafter with respect to confidentiality and the use of audio/video images or recordings as noted previously. I hereby release The CAWS from all actions, claims or demands I (or my personal representatives and dependents) may hereafter have for injury or death resulting from participation in volunteer activities with this organization. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the terms below.

By typing your name below, you hereby agree to the terms listed above.