Why Volunteer for The CAWS?

Do you want to give back to our community in a way that warms your heart and helps those who cannot help themsevlves? Donate your time to homeless pets and experience pure gratitude. Fill out a Volunteer Application today!

The CAWS is 100% volunteer run, and the donation of your time is what makes the difference between us being able to help or us having to say no.


Enjoy a positive volunteer environment


Participate in an enriching learning experience


Meet new people and make new friends

Volunteer Spotlight

Krista Kondro – Foster Home Manager & Board Member
For our Foster Home Manager, it started after the fire in Fort Mac. With so many displaced families and pets, she wanted to help. As a lover of all things four-legged, Krista welcomed Armin into her home as a foster.
It was the start of a beautiful friendship. With her ambitious attitude and warm personality, Krista quickly became engrossed in The CAWS.
Krista lives with her husband Cam and their three dogs: handsome Ellis, pretty Piper, and their own foster-fail, sweet little Stella. She is dedicated and hard-working, and has a penchant for good wine, great friends, and giraffes. Although she would ecstatically foster a giraffe, for now she is thrilled to help The CAWS facilitate providing the best possible homes for our four-legged friends in need.


Adam Mohl
Graphic Designer

I work from my home in Drumheller, Alberta as one of The CAWS graphic designers. I went to school in Calgary for Website Development Certificate and graduated in 2004.

I have worked with various small businesses across North America and love designing business cards and posters. I really wanted to get into volunteering my time to help out a non-profit organization, which is when I chose The CAWS. I love assisting this great organization to find animals permanent homes by using design as a tool to help accomplish that!!

Kaitlin Wells – Special Events Manager

It all started on day when I was really contemplating getting a furry friend to keep me company, I had been searching for animals to adopt when a friend of mine had tagged me in a post about fostering Baby the cocker spaniel.

I decided that maybe fostering would be the right path to take to see if I would be a good pet owner and ended up falling in love with her and became a foster fail! Ever since then, I have been an active volunteer.  I started off being a foster home supervisor and now I am a board member helping out with odds and ends and have  taken on the role of Special Events Manager.  I believe in The CAWS so much and what they do for all of the amazing animals, and can’t wait to spend more time being inspired by the President of the rescue and helping in any way I can!​

The CAWS is always accepting volunteers in the following areas

Adoption Events

On select weekend, The CAWS has at least one adoption event so our adoptable pets can strut their stuff! These events allow adopters to meet several of The CAWS's dogs and cats at the same time and choose the perfect match. But, without our volunteers, we can't hold our adoption events. Our volunteers handle dogs and cats at the events, sharing their attributes with potential adopters. What better way to get a fluffy, furry pet fix? All it takes is a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Most events run from 12PM to 3PM.


Although the foster homes usually transport our dogs to and from adoption events and vet appointments, this is not always possible. We need volunteers who can assist with transportation when a foster is unable to do so. There are many genersou people that like to donate supplies to The CAWS. We do have some drop off locations for them to drop these items off, however, not everyone has transportation to get them there. We are looking for volunteers that would be able to help pick these items up and take them to our local storage facility.

Professional Services

Professional services from veterinarians, trainers and groomers are always needed and greatly appreciated to help our dogs become adoption-ready. If you're a pet professional and would be willing to give some of your very busy day (or evening) to a worthy 'CAWS', you've found the right place!

Marketing and Fundraising

We also seek volunteers to help with marketing our dogs and cats, puppies, and kittens to help them find a good home. Tasks can include designing signs, banners and flyers, and coordinating and working at fundraising events.