The Guardian Angel Program

"A Guardian Angel can bring comfort and protection during dark times and help to ignite a spark of hope that things will improve. It knows that everything is constantly changing in our lives and if we are open to embracing those changes and ask for help, it will protect and guide us into brighter times."

Outside of providing a safe refuge for cats and dogs that have been abused, abandoned or surrendered, The CAWS strives to be a leader in the next-generation of animal welfare rescue groups. Our goal, and a part of our mission, is to provide temporary care of loving companion pets while their families are in life transition. The objective of the Guardian Angel Program is to reunite each pet with its family once they have the opportunity to find a more permanent and effective means to care for them themselves.

Volunteers are needed, Guardian Angel Foster Homes (separate from the foster homes in our Adoption Program) & Transportation Drivers. Donations specific to this program are essential to make it successful. All animals that come into our Guardian Angel Program will not be adopted, but are intended to be returned to their families. There will be no funds brought in through adoption fees. Financial support to help recover veterinary costs and medications will be needed as well as supplies including crates, dog and cat food, toys, etc.

While in the Guardian Angel Program, animals are provided emergency veterinary care as needed, and temporary care for animals who's families lives may be in transition. These transitions may include:

Domestic Violence Care

Women entering shelters because of domestic violence often report that their abuser has injured, maimed, killed, or threatened the family pets for revenge or to psychologically control them. The violence towards the animals occurs in the presence of the women and their children. Frequently, victims of domestic violence whose animals have been abused see the animal cruelty as one more step in a long history of violent behavior directed at them and their children. They may resist entering shelter as they fear for the safety of their pets at the hands of the abuser.

The CAWS is currently working on setting up a program to work with some of the local rural Victim's Services organizations. We will require donations and funding for this program, as there will be no cost to the family that will require the service. If you are wanting to donate to our Victims of Domestic Violence Program specifically, please contact us and we will ensure that your funds go directly to this part of the program.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and require a safe place for you and your family, please contact one of Edmonton's Women's shelters.
If your current situation is life threatening, or you feel that you and your family are in immediate danger, please call 911 immediately

Disaster Relief Care

Every day, emergencies take place, such as natural disasters, home fires or flooding. When disaster strikes, often families are left temporarily homeless. They are forced out of their homes with no where for their pets to go.

The CAWS will, in a variety of ways, provide assistance to families who have animals and are affected by disaster.

We will provide temporary housing for the animals while their families are able to find alternate arrangements for them. We will ensure that animals that are injured during the emergency is provided the appropriate emergency medical care.

Military Deployment Respite

Whether our military personnel have their deployments extended, are redeployed, are newly deployed or they are on training sessions, they face a number of difficult decisions regarding home and family. Frequently, one of those dilemmas is what to do with companion animals considered to be family. How can they ensure that their pets will be taken care of while they are away, and that they can be reunited with their pets when they return?

The CAWS is dedicated to providing a safe place for the pets of those who commit to keeping our country safe. We will provide foster care for any animal that is owned by a member of the Canadian Military.